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Today is a day to celebrate! Embrace your neighbors, friends, family, end those feuds with those close to you. Today is a day for unity, not divide! Justice and equality for all, no matter your ethnicity, religion, skin color, or sexual orientation🏳‍🌈. No matter where you are, someone loves you, and we must never forget that. Now let’s celebrate!


Aiden Beltran


Hellhound Games



The Nexus Launcher Logo. Credit:

This Nexus Launcher update, we’re bringing the holidays to our launcher. With a Christmas background, event, and theme. Read the full patch notes below…


  • Added Christmas themed background to all pages
  • Changed buttons to match Christmas color scheme(red & green)
  • Updated Battle Tanks icon and logo to new design
  • Added new Store Module framework
  • Re-added Battle.Net social login




The Nexus Launcher Logo | Hellhound Games

We have released a new update to the base framework of The Nexus Launcher that aims to correct a few internal and UI based bugs.

*This update will require a launcher restart and download

Improvements and Upgrades

  • Upgraded Xsolla launcher framework to the latest version(2.5.1)

Bug Fixes

  • New framework corrects social login buttons not being shown properly
  • Fixed social login buttons not routing to the correct website
  • You can now once again, use Login with Steam social login

While this is some very minor internal and UI fixes, the update does upgrade the framework so it is rather large and may take awhile. We advise you to download this update in the background👍.